exam1b - NATS 104 LIFE ON EARTH SPRING 2004 FIRST 100-pt...

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NATS 104 LIFE ON EARTH Section: _______ SPRING, 2004 FIRST 100-pt EXAM. Name: ________________ (each question 2 points) Write your name and section on this page. On the bubble sheet write your name Last (space) First (space) M.I. and fill in the appropriate bubbles. Fill in the open circle between each part of your name. Under “Grade or EDUC” put your section. Use “0” for section 30, “1” for 31 and “2” for32, HAND IN BOTH SHEETS 1. A cell having one rather than two of each type of chromosome is a. diploid b. haploid c. heterozygous d. homozygous e. mitotic 2. A circular ring of DNA found in some bacteria is called a: a. ligase b. organelle c. plasmid d. restriction enzyme e. RNA 3. A person with Klinefelter's Syndrome has the XXY genotype; phenotypically, the person is a. female b. male c. both d. neither 4. A virus has a. a cell membrane b. ribosomes c. a capability to evolve d. a nucleus e. mitochondria 5. AIDS is caused by a a. bacteriophage b. bacterium c. fungus d. protozoan a. virus 6. All ______ are procaryotic single-celled organisms a. algae b. bacteria c. fungi d. protozoans e. viruses
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7. All of the following cause human diseases EXCEPT: a. Archaea b. Fungi c. Prokaryotic bacteria d. Protzoans e. Retroviruses 8. Atoms are made of the following EXCEPT a. Electrons b. Neutrons c. Molecules d. Protons 9. Cell membranes consist mainly of a. carbohydrate bilayer and proteins b. cellulose bilayer and carbohydrates c. lipid bilayer and proteins d. protein bilayer and lipids e. ribonucleotide bilayer and lipids 10. The early atmosphere of the Earth (4.7-3.8 billon years ago) contained all the following gases in abundance except: a. CO 2 b. H 2 O c. N 2 d. NH 3 e. O 2 11. Cells that have organelles are called: a. viruses b. eukaryotes c. prokaryotes d. lipids e. chromosomes 12. During which stage of meiosis do analogous chromosomes separate? a. anaphase 1
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exam1b - NATS 104 LIFE ON EARTH SPRING 2004 FIRST 100-pt...

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