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01-First LectureAdvisories

01-First LectureAdvisories - 5 Attend the lecture time of...

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First Lecture Content and Advisories 1. Read the syllabus from start to finish and take note of the attendance and no tolerance policies for this course. It may be a good idea to print out the syllabus though some lectures may shift over time to accommodate guest speakers in the course. 2. Record the due dates for assignments and the quiz and test dates in your personal event calendar so you do not miss any deadlines for this course. Assignment and test dates should not change, if they do there will be announcements in D2L and in lecture. 3. Know the name of your Teaching Assistant and how to contact them so you can visit them in office hours as necessary throughout the course. 4. Read the Ground Rules for this course and abide by them. No laptop use in class unless you are taking notes in Word or consulting slides of the lecture in D2L.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Attend the lecture time of TRAD 101 Middle Eastern Humanities that you signed up for as your TA is only at that lecture and the content of that particular class is what you will be tested on. 6. Login to D2L and our course page and get to know its components and become familiar with the Contents area and Discussion area particularly. 7. Events that will count as options for the two events you have to attend outside of class will be posted in the Events are in the Discussion area of D2L and so this should be visited often until you have completed your two event responses. 8. ATTEND YOU FIRST SECTION THIS THURSDAY OR FRIDAY OR YOU WILL BE DROPPED AND YOUR SEAT GIVEN TO SOMEONE WAITING TO ENTER THE CLASS!...
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  • weiner
  • Abstraction, D2L, TEST DATES, Middle Eastern Humanities, personal event calendar, TRAD 101 Middle Eastern Humanities

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