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03b-Christianity08 - Christianity in the Middle East Most...

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Christianity in the Middle East Most adherents in the world, M.E. minority religion Symbol is the cross Bible is the sacred text ( HB, NT, Apocrypha) God is called Allah in Arabic, Khoda in Persian Arises out of Judaism Christianity Movement Evolves out of Judaism Jesus, a Jewish reformer, (4/0 BCE – 29 CE) Followers come to see him as Messiah / Christ Messiah believed to return to rule over perfected world “Saved” individuals get to be included in it Christianity is at first for Jews, but then anyone Church Structure Hierarchy of clergy develops Rituals established, music, art, literature Churches (plural) from the start Paul 30 years later disagrees with Jerusalem, etc. Use of Icons or not Type of Baptism Jesus’ humanity/divinity Service contents Role of women Inclusion of non-Jews Church Schisms By 200s 4 centers exist Jerusalem (Palestine) Antioch (Syria) Alexandria (Egypt) Rome (Roman Empire) Sacraments developing New Testament to record Jesus’ acts/words Disputes settled at Councils
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