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rel 352 notes - 1 Jesus Liberation Ethics a Feeding the...

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1. Jesus’ Liberation Ethics – 9/19/07 a. Feeding the hungry free of cost. b. Clothing the naked. c. Providing clean drinking water to the thirsty or the poor (developing countries). d. Setting war captives and prisoners free. e. Providing free medical care to the sick. f. Providing shelter to the homeless. g. Providing hope to the discouraged. h. Comforting the bereaved i. Forgiving the debtors and offenders i. Mt 5:38-48 – Forgiveness j. Living a nonviolent life/ Non-retaliation k. Unconditional love for all & enemies (Lk. 4:16-21; Mt 5-7) i. Mt 25: 31-46 – Judgment 2. John Spong ( ) – 9/26/07 a. Theism, as a way of defining God, is dead. So most theological God-talk is today meaningless. A new way to speak of God must be found. b. Since God can no longer be conceived in theistic terms, it becomes nonsensical to seek to understand Jesus as the incarnation of the theistic deity. So the Christology of the ages is bankrupt. c. The biblical story or the perfect and finished creation from which human beings fell into sin is pre-Darwinian mythology and post-Darwinian nonsense. d. The virgin birth, understood as literal biology, makes Christ’s divinity, as traditionally impossible. e. The miracle stories of the New Testament can no longer be interpreted in a post-Newtonian world as supernatural events performed by an incarnate deity. f. The view of the cross as the sacrifice for the sins of the world is a barbarian idea based on primitive concepts of God and must be dismissed. g. Resurrection is an action of God. Jesus was raised into the meaning of God. It therefore cannot be a physical resuscitation occurring inside human history. h. The story of the Ascension assumed a three-tiered universe and is therefore not capable of being translated into the concepts of a post- Copernican space age. i. There are no external, absolute, objective, revealed standard scriptures or universal moral laws of God written on tablets of stone, on the Earth or in Heaven, that govern human ethical culture, religion and conduct in every place and for all time. j. Prayer cannot be a request made to a theistic deity to act in human history in a particular way.
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k. The hope for life after death must be separated forever from the behavior control mentality of reward and punishment. The Church must abandon, therefore, its reliance on guilt as a motivator of behavior. l.
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rel 352 notes - 1 Jesus Liberation Ethics a Feeding the...

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