CS480 Programming Assignment 3

CS480 Programming Assignment 3 - Programming Assignment 3:...

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Programming Assignment 3: 3-D Vivarium Due Monday March 31 at 11:59pm The purpose of the assignment is to introduce you to 1) the use of OpenGL display lists and OpenGL transforms for hiearchical modeling, and 2) collision detection and clipping. You will program a 3-D vivarium: a simulated 3-D world with polyhedral creatures moving around. To build your vivarium, you will first need to construct two different creatures using polyhedral (solid) parts. For the basic parts of your creatures, feel free to use routines provided with the previous assignment. You are also free to create your own basic parts, but they must be polyhedral (solid). The creatures you design should have moving linkages of the basic parts: wings, arms, fins, antennae, tentacles, etc. These linkages should move back and forth in a periodic motion, as the creatures move about the vivarium. In the vivarium program, creatures and their parts are to be stored and manipulated as OpenGL display list objects. Use OpenGL transforms to control the motion of each creature and its parts. Creatures should face in the direction they are moving. For instance, a fish should be facing the direction in which it swims. Creatures in the vivarium should react to where other creatures are and move
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CS480 Programming Assignment 3 - Programming Assignment 3:...

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