Spring 2007Jazz Study Final Exam GuideMOON

Spring 2007Jazz Study Final Exam GuideMOON - Herbie Hancock...

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Spring 2007 Jazz Study Final Exam  Guide MOON 1. Prepare for the listening portion of the exam. See Instructions on d2l. 2. Be familiar with everything mentioned in class lectures or discussed in your textbook. The list below might help you focus your review (they are in no particular order). I suggest that you have several things to say about each item, and that you use the book to help you prepare (be aware that some of the items not in the book were discussed in class; it is not my responsibility to tell you about them; ask your peers first). Digable planets Jet Set Six Chuck Mangione Art Tatum Us3 Hard bop Acid jazz Cutting contests Bitches Brew Horace Silver Thelonius Monk Stan Getz Kind of Blue Gil Evans Antonio Jobim Cassandra Wilson Post modernism Prime Time Dizzy Gillespie Scat singing Max Roach "The Spanish Tinge" The Jazz Messengers Art Blakey Clifford Brown
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Unformatted text preview: Herbie Hancock Chick Corea Synthesizers Blood on the Fields Fusion Jazz Repertory Movement Wayne Shorter Wynton Marsalis Weather Report John Coltrane Charles Mingus Hard Bop Ella Fitzgerald Gunther Schuller Free Jazz Ornette Coleman Miles Davis Birth of the Cool Charlie Parker Walking Bass A Love Supreme Third Stream Stan Kenton Cool Jazz Comping Dave Brubeck Joe Zawinul Bill Evans Bebop 3. Be prepared to write an essay that addresses your experience of music, now that you have learned something about jazz. How has learning about jazz history affected the way that you experience the music you listen to? 4. Review Jazz styles from throughout the 20 th century; be able to describe each style and give representative artists, and also, to date the style. Use your textbook to review....
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Spring 2007Jazz Study Final Exam GuideMOON - Herbie Hancock...

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