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unit 9 study guide edl 200

unit 9 study guide edl 200 - Name_Cassandra Welsh Unit Nine...

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Name__________Cassandra Welsh__________________ Unit Nine Study Guide School Reform and the Possibilities of Schooling. 1. What are the four R's of school reform? Efficiency, excellence, enhance, and equity 2. What are the correlates of successful school reform? Michael Fullan’s theories, reforms that do not radically alter the prevailing organization of schools, non-threatening, reforms that make school more interesting for students, reforms that involve a variety of constituencies, reforms that take place. 3. As discussed on pages 258 to 259, was there really an educational crisis as everyone believed in the 80s? Why? The recent era of reform began in the late 1970s, when educators and the public became troubled by the perceived decline in American secondary schools. Some educators saw declining quality as an unintended consequence of the previous era’s emphasis on equity. 4. How effective do you think No Child Left Behind will actually be? Why?
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