Unit 4 Study Guide edl 200

Unit 4 Study Guide edl 200 - Name Cassandra Welsh EDL 200...

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Name_________ Cassandra Welsh ___________ EDL 200 Schooling Study Guide #4 Schools and the Transmission of Knowledge 1. Define “transmission of school knowledge.” Transmission of school knowledge- the instruction of the uneducated members of a society by school authorities in the facts, theories, interpretations and reasoning abilities that are considered to be consequential for the cognitive development of the individual and the transmission of culture in the larger society. 2. Bullet the main reasons that school knowledge is important. Both individuals and societies rely on a number of different knowledge systems for orienting conduct Beyond transmitting basic skills of literacy and computation, schools do not actually succeed very well in transmitting the lessons of the curriculum Much of what educators count as transmitting knowledge might be better interpreted as socialization messages or moments in the process of social selection 3. What are the key forces that shape the content of school knowledge? Mastering the school curriculum has practical importance as a means of gaining a livelihood for many people, and it also influences the way many people do their work In every modern society, the subjects taught in school are, partly as a consequence of their importance in the upper reaches of society, surrounded with an aura of special significance The mental operations involved in learning curricula are important features of adult life, whether or not adults remember much specific content from their school lessons Even those who do not carry the touch of secular learning into their adult lives do often find something of considerable value in their school lessons 4. Why is the idea of “liberal education” important to our system of
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  • Spring '07
  • International Comparisons, School Knowledge, Schooling Study Guide, different knowledge systems, Cassandra Welsh___________ EDL

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Unit 4 Study Guide edl 200 - Name Cassandra Welsh EDL 200...

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