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unit 5 study guide edl200

unit 5 study guide edl200 - a couple of examples of each...

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Name________________________________________________________ Unit 5 Study Guide EDL 200 Schools and Socialization 1. List ten ways that schools seek to socialize students. You may use your own examples. 2. React to the statement in the text that "schools are organized to form personalities for a public world in which intimacy and attentiveness are not always in generous supply. .." 3. What are the three dimensions of socialization in school? Briefly define each? 4. What are the four school socialization environments? Briefly describe each. 5. Describe the major types of socialization messages that occur in the classroom and give
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Unformatted text preview: a couple of examples of each type. 6. Describe the difference between explicit and implicit moral instruction. Give three examples of each type. 7. Define the hidden curriculum. Give four examples from your own life of things learned through the hidden curriculum. 8. How successful do you think moral instruction is in the schools? Why? 9. How important do you think the socialization that occurs outside of the classroom is? Why? 10. Are adolescents really a separate species has some authors contend? Defend your answer, using examples from the text and statements from the text....
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