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Unit 7 study guide edl 200 - Name_Cassandra Welsh_ Study...

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Name___________Cassandra Welsh_______________________ Study Guide Seven Schools and Social Selection: Inequality 1. Who is left behind in the social selection process? Why is it a problem? In the US, 1/5 of high school students do not graduate with their classes. 50% of students do not graduate in many minority communities Arizona has a 25% dropout rate, the worst in the United States Only 5% of Americans receive a graduate or professional degree 2. How effective are cognitive tests in predicting real ability? What effects do they have on social selection? Tests Measure only certain kinds of abilities Quickness of thought Accuracy of thought Solving problems quickly Check answers Not guessing Eliminate obviously wrong answers Stay calm under pressure 3. What effects do strong, well-organized school systems have on equalizing social opportunity? Members of some subordinate groups enter schools that aim to equalize opportunities – schools, for example, in which tracking is de-emphasized and resources are directed toward those who need them. Overall, strong, well focused equalities, learning gaps between groups, for example, tend to shrink during the school year and grow during the summer months. 4. What factors explain inequalities in school-based selection? Class, race and ethnicity, and Gender 5. What are the three major bases of inequality? Briefly define each and state its importance. Class – the constant divide, Race and Ethnicity – The Varying divide, and Gender –
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Unit 7 study guide edl 200 - Name_Cassandra Welsh_ Study...

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