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BASIC COMPOSITION JACK HITT “DINOSAUR DREAMS” DAVID BROOKS “OUR SPRAWLING, SUPERSIZE UTOPIA” In America, people perceive their environment to be a reflection of the cultural beliefs and values they feel are most important to them. Growth in the economical and social aspect of an environment in America is stimulated by people’s imaginations’, which are defined as exaggerations of significant values and cultural beliefs. Jack Hitt and David Brooks describe in their essays how the American society is progressively becoming the product of people’s imaginations; American citizens perceive what they believe is the ideal environment and society through their imagination, often contributing these ideals to promoting growth of an environment. Jack Hitt’s “Dinosaur Dreams” goes into detail about how Americans use imagination to promote the image of the dinosaur in reference to their own values and cultural beliefs that are significant. In David Brooks’ essay “Our Sprawling, Supersize Utopia”, Brooks describes the city-to-suburbs migration frenzy that is occurring because people imagine a change in lifestyle based on their new surroundings which will promote the values and cultural beliefs they cherish. The essays by Hitt and Brooks are terrific examples of how imagination, when inspired by values and cultural beliefs, influences the inhabitants’ perception of their surrounding environment, whether it be in a social or economical sense. Our perception of society is caused by our imagination reflecting on the beliefs and values that are important to us; our imagination allows us perceive our surrounding environment based on the cultural beliefs and values that will promote growth in economical success and social comfort. 1
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Imagination gives people the opportunity to express their cultural beliefs and values through society by perceiving an image, that involves these significant beliefs and values, and implementing the image into society to promote economic success. As a society, people use their imagination to acknowledge their cherished value of freedom and economical dominance. With the discovery of the T. rex on American soil, people were able to exaggerate the characteristics of the creature and implement their values of freedom and power to the dinosaur’s fearless, freestanding image in museums. Jack Hitt explains how the imagination of people viewing the first fossil reflected their values of freedom and power by saying, The emotion that surged when you tilted back your head to look at those early dinosaurs was awe, for sure, but it was also a suffused patriotism. The skeletons gave substance and turgor to a novel feeling of giantness
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