Essay4 - In the outline I turned in prior to submitting...

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In the outline I turned in prior to submitting this fourth and final essay, my plan was to write about two important readings we had reviewed in this course. However, I decided to change the topic of my essay to correspond with option #4, which is an open topic. The guidelines require that it be a persuasive essay and also relate to the writing styles we have learned throughout the semester. I chose to write an essay persuading the audience that since drunk driving is such a serious problem in the United States and the actions that have been taken to prevent it have been ineffective, the government needs to require that all vehicles be equipped with breathalysers. In writing this essay, I implemented narration and exemplification-two different patterns of development we have learned, cause and effect to examine the relationship between the causes and effects of drunk driving, and argument to persuade the readers. Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of death in America, and has been for the past ten years. Regardless of this growing problem, the actions taken to resolve this issue have been ineffective. This is disturbing since other countries have both alcohol and cars, yet not nearly the same problems with drinking and driving. One must wonder why this is; for, it is confusing since most countries allow their citizens to drink at a younger age. Even though we can not determine the real root of the trouble, we can try to prevent it. The problem lies within the laws, responsibility and attitude of America. I feel that there is a need to regulate drunk driving, since the people of America are not responsible enough to handle it themselves. I propose the installation of interlock devices (also known as breathalysers) into all vehicles requiring a blood test before starting a vehicle. This would be an almost perfect solution to resolve the drunk driving conflict. People under the influence of alcohol obviously have impaired judgement, so we can not expect them to be responsible for their actions. Two of my close friends, both honorable and intelligent, are perfect examples of people who are irresponsible with drinking, and the basis of my argument comes from the experiences we shared together. Throughout my life I have heard many stories about driving under the influence, and the
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Essay4 - In the outline I turned in prior to submitting...

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