Essay3 - Being a teenager is often difficult; teenagers...

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Being a teenager is often difficult; teenagers struggle with becoming adults and all the freedom and responsibilities that implies. At the same time, they are struggling with bodies that are growing, emotions that seem out of control, and a world that provides a multitude of choices. Some teens make the choice to use drugs, alcohol, and/or cigarettes. In this essay, explore the reasons why teenagers use drugs, alcohol, and/or cigarettes, or explore the effects of the use of these substances have on a teen's life. In this essay, you should go beyond the obvious effects or causes which are listed in the supporting materials. You need to examine how one thing leads to another. You may want to concentrate on a particular type of drug or on a particular effect. You may want to use your own personal experiences and the supporting material below to explore your chosen subject. You may also want to use this essay to make some recommendations to parents, school officials or teens about the use of alcohol, drugs, and/or cigarettes: To prevent and deter substance use, you must understand it's reality in society. Present day adolescents are educated through countless lectures about the dangers of substance use from school classes and assemblies, television commercial advertising campaigns, and/or DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education, a program targeting children before they become teenagers). Every year older teenagers across the country sign "prom promises" and similar compliances to remain sober during school- promoted events. Inspite of countless hours of direction from community models and the war on drugs, illegal and addictive drugs still remain appealing to teenagers. There are numerous reasons why youth can become attracted to substance use, usually beginning with drinking alcohol or smoking ciggarettes, perhaps marijuana, and in some cases graduating to such highly-addictive drugs as cocaine and prescription narcotics. Peer pressure and the knowledge of school mates, friends, and others in the community using
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Essay3 - Being a teenager is often difficult; teenagers...

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