Essay1Final - While dishonesty is not lying the intentions...

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While dishonesty is not lying, the intentions behind the two acts are nearly identical. When looking up the word "lie" in Webster's Dictionary, four of the word's seven definitions stand out; 1. A false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood, 2. Something intended or serving to convey a false impression, 5. To speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive, 6. To express what is false; convey a false impression. Clearly, lying occurs with the intent of deceiving or giving a false impression, which is the same reason behind why people are dishonest. Most speak out against lying, and the conceived notion in the United States is that it is a taboo. In today's society, dishonesty is a prevalent aspect of the lives of everyone, and while it is often immoral and harmful to others, it can also be beneficial in some situations. In "Salvation," the dishonesty depicted is the type that is acted out with good intentions and is beneficial towards others. However, in Cullen Murphy's "Lifosuction," he informs of the type of dishonesty that improves the status of an individual while diminishing that of another. Cullen Murphy builds up his introduction to lifosuction in his essay by first informing of some lies and deceits that have been committed by well known individuals in "under the microscope" type circumstances. He gives an example of a Mayan Peasant Woman whose autobiographical book, I, Rigoberta Menchu contains many false central details. Murphy does acknowledge the wrongdoing behind these acts; however, he then goes on presenting a case to support lifosuction. Two instances he provides include Vanilla Ice and Bill O'Reilly. Vanilla Ice, a
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Essay1Final - While dishonesty is not lying the intentions...

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