Exam 1 psych 302

Exam 1 psych 302 - Exam 1 1- Lamarckian evolution is...

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Unformatted text preview: Exam 1 1- Lamarckian evolution is characterized by the faulty assumption that a. Acquired traits can be inherited b. Humans are the only species that has stopped evolution c. Evolution always improves genes d. Evolution benefits individuals more than the whole species 2- What movements of ions would depolarize the membrane of neurons? a. Chloride ions into cells b. Sodium ions out of cells c. Sodium ions into cells d. Potassium ions out of cells 3- If monozygotic twins are reared in different environments but resemble each other on some characteristic, then this suggests that this characteristic is related to which of the following? a. Environment is more than hereditary b. Heredity is more than environment c. Heredity only d. Environment only 4- Which division of the nervous system is composed of the autonomic and somatic nervous system? a. Parasympathetic b. Peripheral c. Sympathetic d. Central 5- Which is not a part of the forebrain a. Hippocampus b. Thalamus c. Medulla d. Cerebral cortex 6- How do local anesthetic drugs such as Novocain work? a. They block the sodium gates b. They open the potassium gates c. They decrease the blood flow to certain areas of the brain d. They inactivate the sodium and potassium pump 7- Which part of the cerebral cortex is most important for sensory of touch a. Frontal lobe b. Occipital lobe c. Temporal lobe d. Parietal lobe 8- apoptosis is the brain development process in which of the following...
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Exam 1 psych 302 - Exam 1 1- Lamarckian evolution is...

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