EXAM 2 psych 302 - EXAM 2 1- When a physician taps on the...

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EXAM 2 1- When a physician taps on the knees, what kind of receptor is he looking for a. Golgi tendon b. Oscillator c. Muscle spindle d. Vestibular organ 2- magnocelluar cells are to_________ as parocellular cells are too________ a. wake-sleep cycle; movement b. movement; color c. detail; color d. color; wake-sleep cycles 3- which hormone control the rate at which glucose leaves the blood stream and enters the cell a. CCK b. Aldosterone c. Glucagons d. Insulin 4- To what lobe of the cerebral cortex is auditory information sent a. Temporal b. Occipital c. Parietal d. Frontal 5- What defines a homeostatic process a. The regulation of blood flow b. Any process governed by hormones c. Maintenance of certain body variables with in a fixed range d. Reproduction involving distinct male and female gender in a species 6- according to the young- helmhotz theory, what is the basis for color vision a. a different receptor for each color b. three kinds of cones c. paired receptors that are responsive to complementary colors d. combined influences of rods and cones 7- dorsolateral tract axons are responsible for movement in which areas of the body a. the periphery b. in the trunk c. in the face and head d. in the legs 8- the kidneys release hormones rennin in response to what stimulus a. the presence of food in the small intestine b. increase concentration of solutes in the blood
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EXAM 2 psych 302 - EXAM 2 1- When a physician taps on the...

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