Cities - 11/14/2007 3:05:00 PM Land Use Zoning Began in San...

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14/11/2007 16:05:00 Land Use Zoning Began in San Francisco: 1886 Basically—preserve/enforce segregation o They can actually do that—without saying who you are segregating o San Francisco was Chinese  New York: 1916 o Jewish stores o Created a law that made certain parts of the cities as residential o “restrictions on land use are constitutional because they enable city  governments to carry out their duties of protecting the health, safety,  morals, and general welfare of their citizens” common good, keep Jews away from department stores. Now, almost every city in the U.S. has its own zoning map Historic Preservation Districts o They define an area which supposedly has some type of historic  quality They want to save these historic places for the general people o How do we decide? Has some kind of heritage The district will offer civic pride You need to keep your house looking nice
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o Boulder Protecting, enhancing, and perpetuating buildings To promote tourism  o Movie Viewpoint Director thought zoning was used for: The alcoholic Try to get the alcoholic to clean up her  house(specifically the outside) Remove the cars from her lawn Try to make the neighborhood cleaner The chief Had an afro centric sign Try to sanitize the neighborhood Make the neighborhood more white Movie was very biased Director grew up in that neighborhood
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Cities - 11/14/2007 3:05:00 PM Land Use Zoning Began in San...

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