Lecture 3 - Competing Theories of Globalization His view is...

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1/29/08 Competing Theories of Globalization His view is that it is a specific period in the broader history of international capitalist/market economy o It does not signal the birth of the world market The three visions of globalization o Neo-liberal – End of History by Fukuyama o The politics of identity – Huntington He rejects a purely economic argument There is something about humans belonging to particular cultural blocks that would compel them to impart their culture on others when they fear their culture is in jeopardy Clash of civilizations o Regionalization and Institutional diversity – Katzenstein Rejects both of the previous versions State-Economy Relations o The free market ideology (a) o The “free market” practice (b) o The relationship between the two (a vs. b) The institutionalist challenge to the free market accound of the nature and history of the market economy Liberal School of Thought Fukuyama’s article is shitty in a historical sense but not in an ideological and prescriptive sense
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The End of History o Refers to a kind of a mental change o The 20 th century has been a century of struggle between liberal capitalism and various forms of left and right wing challenges to it o This is not the problem but how he accounts for these challenges is o The free market came out on top though it is not a resounding all encompassing defeat There are important social areas that are not under the capitalist ideology, but in the countries that matter in the world economy, an important mental change
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Lecture 3 - Competing Theories of Globalization His view is...

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