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11Name: ________________________ TA: _____________________ Section: __________ Problem Set 3 Biochemistry 462b Spring 2008 Due Feb 8, 2008 The following questions are based on the papers that will be presented during the discussion session on Thursday, Feb 7. In the last problem set, you saw how skeletal muscle glucose transport changes when the muscle does not have a function GLUT4 protein. In this problem set, you are asked to consider glucose metabolism in mice overexpressing GLUT4 specifically in skeletal muscle. These mice have much more GLUT4 in their muscle cells when compared to wild-type mice. In upcoming lectures, we will cover how flux through a pathway is regulated. Our first paper describes flux through the glycolysis and glycogen synthesis pathways. After reading it, you will be asked to consider whether transport of glucose into the cell by the GLUT4 protein or the activity of the glycogen synthase enzyme is responsible for controlling flux through the entire glycogen synthesis pathway. In this exercise, you will use real data to answer real questions. A second learning objective is the methodology of using radioactive tracers to determine rates of metabolic pathways. Lastly, there are a couple of articles that utilize fMRI, a technique based on metabolic activity, to raise the possibility that food could be addictive. Question 1. (12 points) Glucose transport increases in the EDL muscles of both male and female GLUT4-overexpressing mice by at least 2-fold. The K m of glucose for GLUT4 is less than 1 mM. Given this information and the data from the assigned paper, please answer the following questions: (a) Consider the glycolysis and glycogen synthesis results in the
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PS3-08answ - 11Name: _ TA: _ Problem Set 3 Biochemistry...

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