PS5-08answ - Name TA Problem Set 5 Biochemistry 462b Spring...

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Name: ________________________ TA: _____________________ Section: __________ Problem Set 5 Biochemistry 462b Spring 2008 Due Feb 29, 2008 The following questions are based on the paper that will be presented during the discussion session on Thursday, Feb 28. In the second problem set, you saw in GLUT4-null mice decreased skeletal muscle glucose transport in fast-twitch muscles (the majority of skeletal muscle fiber type) when the muscle does not have a functional GLUT4 protein. Yet these mice were able to dispose of glucose, albeit somewhat slower than control mice. You will learn where the glucose goes in this exercise. Here you will learn how to start to put several pathways together to arrive at a more global picture on the regulation of metabolism. More importantly, you will see how adaptable and flexible the body is at overcoming particular metabolic defects. Studies like these are important for understanding the abnormal glucose homeostasis present in patients with type 2 diabetes. In patients with type 2 diabetes, the presence of insulin resistance prevents GLUT4 from moving to plasma membrane, where it can take up glucose. Question 1. (10 points) (a) In Figure 1 of this paper, the authors showed that the livers of GLUT4-null mice exhibited elevated fatty acid synthase (FAS) mRNA levels as well as increased fatty acid synthesis rates. Given the increased synthesis of fatty acids in liver of GLUT-null mice, how can you explain the
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PS5-08answ - Name TA Problem Set 5 Biochemistry 462b Spring...

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