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biochem 466homework6key - Homework 6 Key 2 A PDB 1d8h...

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Homework 6 Key 2. A) PDB 1d8h and/or 1d8i Cell. 1999 Nov 24;99(5):533-43. Structure and mechanism of yeast RNA triphosphatase: an essential component of the mRNA capping apparatus. Lima CD, Wang LK, Shuman S. The active site is all about charge interaction. One side of the tube (termed “floor”) has negatively charged acidic residues that coordinate a metal (?Mg++). The Mg++ helps in hydrolysis in a manner similar to how it works in MANY phosphodiester bond cleavages. The Mg++ has two jobs: 1) it activates the gamma phosphate to start the reaction, and 2) it stabilizes the transition state. As you know from first semester, this makes the rate faster. The other side of the tube (the roof) has positively charged residues that help position the phosphate for the reaction. B) PDB 1cko Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1998 Feb 17;95(4):1505-10. Structure of a complex between a cap analogue and mRNA guanylyl transferase demonstrates the structural chemistry of RNA capping. Hâkansson K, Wigley DB. In the reaction depicted in Figure 4, Mg++ is doing the same kind of job that it does in 2A, except
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biochem 466homework6key - Homework 6 Key 2 A PDB 1d8h...

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