Peace - All desert no cake Why does everyone fight over...

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Peace, Unlikley in the Middle East Suni and Shia still at war For Ali they still adore Never peace in this place Jews and Arabs will always hate United States to steal their oil Peace is not found in the soil Israel bombs Syrian Nuclear Facility Shows the U.S. that using force is easy Assad seeks deadlier weapon than terror Strikes a nerve in al- Asad’s frontier Iran wants to make Nuclear Weapons The U.S. sanctions business investments World War III seems inevitable The middle east is like a cannon ball Camping out in the Israeli desert Bedouins nestle in their sandy beds Living the life of a wanderer, not looking to far ahead
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Unformatted text preview: All desert, no cake Why does everyone fight over this place? Religious significance makes Israel important Is Jerusalem the place for religious extortion? Yasser Arafat once ruled Palestine Making Israeli forces never enervated A dark cloud will always cover The sandy desert the Bedouins lay under Peace in the middle east is still a dream Hoping that the different cliques can settle this thing Conflicting thoughts may lead to World War III Maybe everyone should just relax, and let it be No matter what anyone will say The Middle East is here to stay...
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