Muh - Arab women who live in Islamic dominated societies...

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Arab women who live in Islamic dominated societies face religious and cultural oppression that limit their freedoms as individuals. Although the negative treatment and inferior status of women has some basis in the teachings of the Koran, Mohammed himself worked to improve the status of women during in his time. Over the years extremist Islamic sects have developed strong patriarchal Arab societies which use the religion of Islam as a basis for laws and practices that deny human civil rights to Muslim women. Only by understanding the history of the role of Muslim women and recognizing the horrors perpetuated on women and children in our modern world in the name of religion will Muslim feminists and their supporters in the Western world influence an increase in personal freedoms for the oppressed. During the Seventh Century in Arabia the Muslim prophet Muhammad significantly improved the rank of women. Muhammad founded the fastest growing religion of all time. He improved the rights of women by prohibiting the common practice of burying alive unwanted female children; He also deemed the education of women to be a sacred duty and allowed women to become heir to property (Dec 2001 TIME Magazine p1). Despite these improvements there are still laws in the Koran that “… have been used in most Muslim countries not to liberate but to entrench inequality (Dec 2001 TIME Magazine p1).” The Koran clearly states that a women is to receive half the inheritance of a son, a woman’s testimony in court is worth half that of a man’s testimony, and punishment of murdering a woman is half as severe as a man. (Dec 2001 TIME Magazine p1) In a scholarly article in Time magazine, the author said, “The way Islam has been
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Practiced in most Muslim societies has left millions of Muslim women with battered bodies, minds and soles.” Islamic fundamentalist groups, like the Taliban, use these outdated predigests laws to excuse their suppression of women (Dec 2001 TIME Magazine p1). Countries with radical Islamic influence in their government like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, and Iran treat women very poorly. In Islamic societies such as these countries, it is near impossible for women to divorce a man. In these same societies men don’t even have to go to court in order to divorce, they merely have to say “I divorce
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Muh - Arab women who live in Islamic dominated societies...

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