Backup of The movie G - men. Despite her being...

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Blake Zale 5/7/09 Womens- History G.I. Jane The movie G.I. Jane is about a girl who does the unthinkable and joins the Navy Seals. The navy seals are the most rigorous and physically demanding of the armed forces. Demi Moore plays the role of Lt. Jordan O’Neil. In one of the opening scenes of the movie, Mrs. O’Neil and her boyfriend are in the bathtub when she broaches the idea of her going to the Navy. While he thinks the idea is stupid, when she asks him if shell wait for her to get back he basically says no. The dialogue between Mrs. O’Neil and her boyfriend illustrates the mentality towards women at the time. Despite all the critics, Lt. O’Neil decides to join the Navy. The other men in her troop were disappointed to have a girl in their troop. One of the guys said, “I’ve been trying for 10 years getting recommendations and shit to be a Navy seal and now they go Co-ed on us.” Lt. O’Neil puts forth outside work in order to compete at the level of the
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Unformatted text preview: men. Despite her being discriminated against, she feels she is given certain advantages due to her gender. She goes through many precautions in order to eliminate this double standard. One of which includes shaving her head. Shaving her head sends a message of equality between her and the guys. In her seek for equality she begins to win over the mens trust and loyalty. Their loyalty is confirmed when the commander beats her up as part of a drill. The commander takes this drill over board. The troop sides with Lt. ONeil instead of their commander. G.I. Jane sends a positive message to Americas youth, espessially women. After watching this movie, many of my opinions have changed about women in sports and I Blake Zale 5/7/09 Womens- History realize how important it is for women to be equal in all fields. Femenist movies such as this one convey a positive message for women and are very influential to ignorant opposers of womens rights....
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Backup of The movie G - men. Despite her being...

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