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Questions from syllabus: Instructors name: Suzanne or Dr. Delaney TA to ask questions: Melissa Sisco Participation Credits required: 8 What happens if you don't complete them all by the end of the term? Receive an I for incomplete 1 Term paper is required and 10 shorter writing assignments are required Make up exams are given only in the event of an emergency with proper documentation Cheating and plagiarism will result in a failing grade The rat pictures showed that the mind is open to suggestion and can influence how we perceive the world Social Psychology: scientific study of how we think about, inlfuence, and realte to one another. Be able to define each of the following terms and describe one experiment that explored each: conformity (Asch): tendency to go with the crowd, Comparing line test obedience (Milgrim): degree to which one will compl with demands, electricuting experiment power of roles (Zimbardo) set of expectations about social positions defining how those in a position have to act, prison study How does the Zimbardo prison study relate to the Abu Ghraib prison atrocities? People in positions of power tend to abuse it. Be able to define each of the following terms and provide examples of each: Social facilitation: improved performance in presence of others… cockroach study (infront of an audience) robert zajonc What is the arousal curve? How is it related to social facilitation? How is it affected by practice? Arousal is increased with an audience, performance is best at some point in the middle. When you’re good at something this extra arousal will increase performance. When your bad at something and nervous, this extra arousal will cause you’re performance to decrease. (social interference) Social loafing: tendency to exert less effort when ur not individually accountable Bystander effect: Dissusion of responsibilty, Kitty Genovese What factors affect the bystander effect? First to notice, emergency, personally responsible, not in hurry, others around, person is similar, mood, deserve help? Diffusion of responsibility: the more people there are the more spread out responsibilty is Who is Kitty Genovese? She was raped and murdered while everyone watched What is attribution theory? How we explain someones behavior; to what we attribute their behavior What is the "fundamental attribution error"? overestimate personal trait, underestimate
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Exam_1_Study_Guide - Questions from syllabus: Instructors...

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