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1 Allison Le Mr. Hupton English 11 01 May 2019 Mama and Self Actualization Everybody has different goals, aspirations, and dreams in life. Lorraine Hansberry depicts the ongoing struggle and effort of a family in her novel,A Raisin in the Sun,as the characters try to achieve their own individual dreams. People’s dreams are often correlated with their needs and with the fundamental basics of life. This relates to the question whether or not characters are able to reach the point of enlightenment or fulfillment. Mama, the head of the household inA Raisin in the Sun,is able to reach self actualization. Self actualization is a concept from psychology that describes when a person has reached their fullest potential and highest level of motivation. It varies from person to person and may take different forms. Lena Younger, also referred to as Mama, reaches this point in Hansberry’s novel,A Raisin in the Sun.Mama is depicted as a faithful, humble, and hard-working woman.
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