GenPsych - Ch15 Abnormality

GenPsych - Ch15 Abnormality - Lecture Outline Definitions...

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Lecture Outline Definitions of Psychopathology. Diagnostic Systems. Psychotherapy. Other considerations Psychopathology Psychopathology refers to severely problematic patterns of feeling (affect), behavior, and thought (cognition). Disrupted functioning. Distress in the person or in others. Danger to the person or to others. Conceptions of psychopathology vary between and within cultures. Beware Medical Student’s Disease Upon hearing the symptoms of a disorder, the tendency for people to believe that they or someone they know shares those symptoms. Only a trained professional can diagnose a psychological disorder. Explaining Psychopathology Biological factors. Over-reactive or under-reactive brain structures. Imbalance of neurotransmitters. Learning. Conditioning history. For example, classically conditioned fear responses. Beliefs. For example, expectancies. Thoughts. For example, optimistic vs. pessimistic interpretations of events. Social structures and cultural norms. Treatment by others and expectations held by others.
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Threshold for psychopathology Not genetically predisposed Genetically above threshold Genetically near threshold Genetically at risk Genetic vulnerability Environmental component Genetic and environmental contributions to psychopathology DSM-IV The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Published by the American Psychiatric Association in an attempt to establish uniform criteria for diagnosis. The current edition is termed the DSM-IV. Uses a multi-axial system of diagnosis. The Axes of DSM-IV Axis Description I Clinical disorders – distress, dysfunction II Personality disorders and mental retardation. III
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GenPsych - Ch15 Abnormality - Lecture Outline Definitions...

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