GenPsych - Ch08 CognitionAndLanguagePart3

GenPsych - Ch08 CognitionAndLanguagePart3 - Lecture Outline...

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Lecture Outline The role of the frontal cortex in thought. Emotion and thinking. The psychological study of language. Language in non-human primates. Language processing. Language disorders. Language development. Frontal Cortex and Thought The frontal lobes are critical for thought. Dorsolateral prefrontal region : damage here leads to impaired planning, more distractability, and deficits in working memory. Skill acquisition shifts activity to the motor cortex and the basal ganglia. Ventromedial prefrontal region : damage here interrupts connections to the limbic system and results in mood swings, loss of social inhibition, and changes in personality. Ventromedial prefrontal damage impairs the feeling of emotion (no visceral reaction to disturbing images). Overview of Prefrontal Cortex (a) (b) Ventral view of Brain Dorsal view of Brain
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Emotion and Thinking We have defined thinking as goal-directed. Thus, the goal determines how hard we think and when we should stop. The judgment of whether a goal has been reached is directly or indirectly derived from the motivation for the judgment. Emotions can interfere with thought processes. The example of risk aversion. Biased information gathering or application of reasoning. Excessive emotion can disrupt thought. How Should People Think? Thinking is functional; it depends on the situation (goals and resources). Fallible heuristics may suffice for everyday problems of living (“satisficing”, or “good
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GenPsych - Ch08 CognitionAndLanguagePart3 - Lecture Outline...

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