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GenPsych - Ch14 Personality1

GenPsych - Ch14 Personality1 - Lecture Outline Personality...

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Lecture Outline Personality Theories – Part 1. The theoretical approach. Freudian personality theory. Humanistic personality theory. Cognitive / Learning personality theories. Personality Research In psychology, “personality” refers to stable patterns of thought, feeling, motivation, and behavior that are expressed in different circumstances. The aim of work in the psychology of personality is to identify how individuals differ from one another. Origins of Personality Theories Assumptions and theories of therapists. Freudian theory. Humanistic theory. Common sense and common discourse. Trait-based theories. Experimental research. Cognitive / learning theories. Contemporary comprehensive theories. Freud and the Psychodynamic Approach Freud’s theory had an enormous impact on society during the 20th century, but his influence within psychology is waning. Although many psychologists find nothing useful in the Freudian paradigm, its notions are still utilized by some mental health practitioners.
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The Central Role of the Unconscious in Freudian Theory Freud emphasized the role of hidden, repressed desires and fears in the control of behavior. These unconscious motives can be socially and personally unacceptable, or conflict can occur among them, leading to: Psychological symptoms. Emotional distress. Health problems. Psychodynamic Psychological Development Freud based his theory on what he perceived to be the changing nature of the individual’s psychosexual pleasure, which includes all the pleasurable sensations that arise from body stimulation.
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GenPsych - Ch14 Personality1 - Lecture Outline Personality...

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