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GEOGRAPHY 330 INTRODUCTION TO REMOTE SENSING Fall 2006 LAB 7 UNSUPERVISED CLASSIFICATION QUESTIONS 45 points (Report 30 + Files 15) (File to be submitted in your username folder: howhill_unsup24.img ) Name Eric Chavez Lab Section 3 This template is provided for the creation of your lab report. Answer each question below and distinguish your answers from these questions by using italics and bold . All figures in your report must be captioned properly and should not be larger than 4 inches. Only lab reports with this format will be accepted. Section 2 1. What are the Min , Max , and Mean values of Band 4 in this image? - The Min=0, Max=190, and the mean=80.94 2. What is the Projection Information of this image? - There is none for this image. 3. Will this affect the classification results? Why? - This will not affect the classification because you can classify the image based on spectral characteristics of the pixels. 4. Zoom in an area that you think will be particularly difficult to separate the spectral classes. Get and include a small screen capture of this area. - 5. Why will this area be difficult to classify? - This would be hard because of the wide range of colors to the right of the image. 6. Get and include here a screen capture of the Band 4 histogram for this image showing the vertical lines indicating the Min , Max , and Mean values.
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- 7. What might be the features in the image represented by the small isolated
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