1st Play Critique - Anne Sullivan

1st Play Critique - Anne Sullivan - Sam Asaki T AR 100...

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Sam Asaki T AR 100 section 001H 1 st Play Critique March 12, 2008 Anne Eh’Sullivan In the play The Miracle Worker, the character I chose to focus on was Anne Sullivan. The role was played by University of Arizona student Richelle Meiss. Overall the play was very good, with great banter between the characters. In a review by the Arizona Daily Star the father’s performance is criticized and Anne Sullivan’s praised. I have the opposite view. While the focus of this paper is on Anne Sullivan, I wanted to briefly state that the interactions between Captain Keller and his son were my favorite parts of the play by far. The actress playing Anne Sullivan seemed to need a bit more polishing overall, a bit more practice for her voice as well as her movements on stage. Anne used her voice in a way that was very much connected to the role she was playing. The voice she used when speaking with her teacher was impudent but loving and she was really able to show how much she was connected to the children at her school. Also, when her brother’s voice was in her head she used her voice to show her fear and torment, especially when she screamed at the memories. The voice seemed nearly right for her character. While I realize that she may have been trying not to overdo the Irish accent, trying to make it a bit more subtle than expected, I feel that there were points in her dialogue that it seemed like she had forgotten she was supposed to be speaking with an accent at all. Anne certainly tried to affect other characters with her voice. While reassuring the blind child that especially didn’t want her to leave that everything would be alright, she used the same kind of voice that she used in her memories when talking to her younger brother. Also, she used her voice to help convey that she was trying to be respectful to the Captain, while still disliking
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the idea of how a proper Southern woman should act that the Captain held. When dealing with Helen she often used her voice, varying her tone and the way she spoke to be appropriate to the events occurring even though she knew that Helen could not hear her. This was probably not a conscious attempt to affect Helen with her voice, but possibly a conscious effort to treat Helen like a regular child. Anne seemed tormented by the memories of her brother and was very expressive in her voice when recalling those memories. She also wept when the two weeks in the garden house were up and she felt that she had not done enough to
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1st Play Critique - Anne Sullivan - Sam Asaki T AR 100...

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