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Sam Asaki T AR 100 section 001H Character Analysis March 14, 2008 The Autobiography of Stanley Jerome Hi. My name is Stanley Jerome and I am a 28 year old male and I’m going to tell you a bit about myself. My posture is very straight. It's like I've got a stick up my butt I'm always so worried and thinking about how to advance my writing career. My center however is my head. I'm very headstrong and will do what it takes to get what I want done. I went to CBS on my own and talked with people there to try to get an audition. I showed off some of the monologues I had written and even tried to talk myself up with Abe Burrows, yes the Abe Burrows, when I saw him on the elevator, and I was so pleased when he said "Good luck." Physically I'm not the strongest guy around. I'll do some push-ups and sit-ups in my room, but I'm not built like those sports players. I'm not too worried about it though, I'm healthy, but I've got really dry skin since it is so cold in the house all the time. In the winter my hands get so dry and cracked that they've even bled in the past. I know it’s a little silly but I'm really proud of my ability to balance on the two back legs of my desk chair. I spend so much time thinking at my desk I'm always leaning back in my chair. Overall I like my body, but I just wish I weren't so hairy. It's not even my bushy eyebrows or hairy arms and legs that bug me, but it's my feet. The part of me that people rarely see is the part that I dislike the most. I know it is a bit vain, but my favorite things about my appearance are my hands. Specifically my right hand. I wear my class ring on it and I think it looks great. Whenever I'm at a coffee shop or a restaurant I make sure my right hand is the one I grab my coffee mug with or the one resting on the table during
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conversation. I always try to look good. When I walk down the street, people see my suit and coat and see a man that is on top of things. They see a man that knows what's going on and how to handle any situation. I may not have a lot of money, but I take pride in my appearance. My voice is like that of a fox. I speak with cunning and tact and have great skills to influence others with my voice. I'm always in a hurry so I move very quickly and sometimes with out thinking. I'll catch my pinky toe on furniture often, but I never learn my lesson. I tend to make jerky movements and I point my finger a lot when I'm cross with someone. That someone is usually my brother. Even though I only have a high school diploma I'm pretty smart. I have a good balance of street smarts and book smarts. I'm good with people, as I showed by getting the audition at CBS, and I'm good with scripts as I've shown with the monologues. I want every detail of the sketch to make logical sense. I don't want it to be anything like the Three Stooges. Ugh, the Three Stooges is for morons. I work in the boys clothing department and my brother works in the stock room. My grandfather has always lived here in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, New York, and so have I. It's a working class
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Character Analysis - Sam Asaki T AR 100 section 001H...

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