Human Event Paper #3

Human Event Paper #3 - Samantha Gustafson December 10, 2004...

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December 10, 2004 Dr. Jacquie Lynch MW 10:40 Iago and the Inferno Dante Alighieri has a specific place and punishment for each particular sinner in the many levels of his Paradiso, Purgatorio, and Inferno. Among these sinners are many famous people of the ancient world such as: Homer, Paolo and Francesca, Andrea dei Mozzi, Brutus, as well as many others. Each character is separated into levels according to their individual sin, and each level has a grouped punishment that is suitable for the collaborative sin committed. However, as distinct as each offender is, they each have an individual contrapasso – a punishment that fits the crime committed – all to themselves. In Othello , Shakespeare wrote of Iago. If not one of the most sinful characters in Ancient Literature, Iago undoubtedly belongs in Dante’s Inferno. He, like all of the others, would be placed in a specific circle, and would have a explicit punishment that suits him. Although he is definitely a maker of discord, which would place him in the eighth circle in level nine, Iago’s more sinful act is that of Treachery. In Iago’s first soliloquy he plans: “Let me see now, to get his place, and to plume up my will in double knavery – how, how?” (NWL-C 2934). Because Iago is speaking only to the audience, we - as the audience - know that he is being truthful. For this act of Treachery that he speaks of, Iago would be placed in circle nine. When Iago is speaking to Roderigo, he states, “for even out of that will I cause these of Cyprus to mutiny” (2941). Causing a mutiny
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Human Event Paper #3 - Samantha Gustafson December 10, 2004...

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