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Samantha Gustafson HON 172 MW 9:15 April 13, 2005 Reading Response Arendt’s “Eichmannin Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil” Question 3: Do you think Eichmann’s “I was just following orders” excuse is valid? Did he have a choice? I do not think that “I was just following orders” is a valid excuse for what he did; however I do think that it was a valid argument as to why he should not be the only one tried. Although, the crimes that Eichmann committed were horrendous, they were not crimes in his country. If Israel was going to charge him for crimes against humanity, they should have charged all of the Nazi’s or S.S. Party. Because “half a dozen psychiatrists had certified him as ‘normal’” (Arendt 32) his charge of being an innerer Schweinehund was obsolete and there is no way you can try someone in court for this. It would be like trying someone for feeblemindedness. There is no standard for which to measure. In his second charge of crimes against humanity, his “excuse” is not valid, but it is a
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