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Samantha Gustafson Sept. 1, 2004 10:40 am Human Event Reading Response #1 Throughout The Tain, there is the presence of a constant struggle to exist as the superior side. The fact that most women go out of their way to bear the son of the king, merely to guarantee that their son is honored, shows just how important supremacy is. Although the people of The Tain go to great lengths to “be the best”, they do follow a certain, unspoken, code of conduct when it comes to proving themselves against another. Cuchulainn did not follow this code of honor when he was battling with Ferdia. When Cuchulainn was a young boy, he left his mother and father to be one of the boys of Emain. The custom in Emain to treat others as equals is shown, in Pillow Talk , when Cuchulainn explains to Conchobor that he did not expect to need protection from these boys. Cuchulainn’s raising was based on extremely formal warlike training. However, Cuchulainn was not the only son of the king to receive this training.
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