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HON 172 reading response #3

HON 172 reading response #3 - Samantha Gustafson HON 172...

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Samantha Gustafson HON 172 9:15 April 20, 2005 Reading Response #6 Question: How do Charity’s experiences on the Mountain affect the ending of Summer ? Growing up, Charity knew nothing of where she came from. The first time she ever hears anything about the Mountain it is when Lawyer Royall and Harney are talking and she is listening in. Because the whole town’s perception of the Mountain people is so horrible, she adopts the same mentality – and in turn believes herself to be inferior to the others in North Dormer because she is from this shameful place. Before she returns to the mountain, she feels as if she is not good enough for anyone. Harney had just broken her heart and because he was the only person who knew everything about her and still accepted her, she felt extremely alone. On top of that, her being pregnant did not help matters much. Charity’s return to the Mountain was an escape. It was her escape from a life that she believed that she wasn’t good enough for.
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