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19 - • Written Rules and regulations • Management via...

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NOTES 2/19/08 CLASSICAL THEORY EXAM 2 Thurs 2/28 The protestant ethic and the sprit of capitalism (1904) The religious bas for the emergence of capitalism Calvinism: Predestination and asceticism (irrational value commitment) o Earliest form of protestants o John Calvin o Notion we are either saved or doomed at birth (predestined) no choice in the matter o Asceticism- The distribution of power withing the political community: Class status and party( 1925) Bureaucracy (1925) Official jurisdictional areas Office hierarchy
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Unformatted text preview: • Written Rules and regulations • Management via qualified training Substative rat → former rationality Verstehen The types of legitimate domination ( 1925) • Traditional authority • Charismatic authority • Rational legal authority - Versteten Ideal types – bureaucracy Rational systems produce irrational consequences Rational consequences- dehumanization • Depersonalization- Argueded we live in a completely disenchanted world (beurocratictc rational world ) no room for enchantment...
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