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lecture1 social psych

lecture1 social psych - Psychology 360 Introduction to...

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Psychology 360: Introduction to Social Psychology Dr. Stone, Fall 2007 Lecture #1 Foundations of Social Psychology I. The Foundations of Social Psychology What happened at Abu Ghraib prison? a. Perspectives on human social behavior b. Kurt Lewin: The father of contemporary social psychology ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Perspectives On Human Social Behavior 1. Personality : describes what makes individuals unique Example: Freud’s theory of personality people are a tension system 1. People are a tension system 2. Confilct between impulses 3. Behavior is a function of motivation to reduce conflict 4. Use of the defense mechanisms for reducing the conflict is what makes people unique 2. Learning Theories (Behaviorism) : describes systematic reactions to environment Example : classical conditioning (Pavlov) and operant conditioning (skinner) 1. Behavior is a function of cues in the environment 2. Stimulus response contingencies rewards punishments 3. S/R relationships or rewards/Punishments are objective and programmatic; 1
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