Investigation38 - Investigation 38: What is the Acid...

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Investigation 38: What is the Acid Dissociation Constant? Group 1: Amber Dethlefsen, Jewell Sharpe, Matt Waters Chm Lab 116 T.A. Chenpei Hung Experiment performed on Thursday March 1 st , 2007
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In the presence of water, an acid dissociates to produce an H + , as shown in the following equation: HA (aq) +H 2 O (l) H 3 O + (aq) +A - (aq) , where HA represents a general acid (Bauer et al., 2004). The equilibrium constant of this equation can then be used to determine the acid dissociation constant, or Ka, as demonstrated in the following equation: Ka=[H 3 O + ] eq [A - ] eq /[HA] eq (Bauer et al., 2004). In order to find the value of Ka, the concentrations of the aqueous solutions must be determined. The purpose of this investigation is to determine the Ka of the unknown acid by first finding the acid’s molarity. The molarity of the unknown acid can be found by titrating the acid with a solution of NaOH, and using the pH readings of the acid to determine the H + concentration. The resulting Ka value can then be used to help identify the unknown acid. In Investigation 38,a production company has produced a batch of 1000 L of unknown acid. They wish to know the identity of this acid. They also wish to know the molarity, as well as the relationship between pH and the volume of NaOH that is titrated into the solution. The production company has hired a team of scientists and researchers in order to experimentally determine what the unknown acid is and to answer the other questions that are posed by the production company. In this experiment, the team of researchers and scientists must complete a series of precise experiments in order to confidently report to the production company their findings. Experimental:
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Investigation38 - Investigation 38: What is the Acid...

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