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Amber Dethlefsen Plotkin REL 315/ 6:40 22 April 2007 Ruth Ruth is a biblical figure who appears in the Book of Ruth . The book of Ruth is one of the shortest books, containing only 4 chapters, in the Bible and reads like a novella because it narrates the story of Ruth's life . Ruth lived during the time of the Judges, which was approximately during 1100 BC .The book of Ruth is very influential to today's society because it contains a woman as the central figure and the heroine . This has shown a lot of influence on today's society as they struggle over the controversy of a woman's role in the church . The book of Ruth is part of the Ketuvium or the “Writings” of the Hebrew Bible . The authorship of the book is traditionally contributed to Samuel . However, many scholars denounce this and some even suggest that the book of Ruth may have been written by a woman, which would explain it’s important feministic themes . However, this information is unknown for certain. The plot of the book of Ruth follows Ruth and her family . During a time of famine, Elimelich, Naomi, and their two sons move to Moab in order to escape the famine . While in Moab, the two sons of Elimelich and Naomi marry two woman of Moab . Their names were Orpah and Ruth . Unfortunately, Elimelich dies leaving Naomi as a widow. Soon after, another tragedy occurs, leaving both Ruth and Orpah widows, when both of the sons die as well . Since the woman have all been widowed and the famine is now over, Naomi wishes to return to Bethlehem and her people . She encourages Orpah and Ruth to do the same by
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returning to their Moabite families and the homes of their mothers . Orpah quickly takes her advise and returns to her family . However, Ruth feels an obligation to remain with her mother-in-law . It is at this time that Ruth delivers a particularly moving speech: “Do not ask me to abandon or forsake you! for wherever you go I will go, wherever you lodge I will lodge, your people shall be my people, and your God my God . Wherever you die I will die, and there be buried . May the Lord do so and so to me, and more besides, if aught but death separates me from you!” After this moving quotation, Naomi realizes that Ruth's wish to
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Rel315Ruth - Amber Dethlefsen Plotkin REL 315/ 6:40 22...

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