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Q8 - Mimsy Were The Borogoves is science fiction in a less...

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Mimsy Were The Borogoves is science fiction in a less than common sense. While there is indeed futuristic technology and time travel involved, it is merely a vessel for the true advancement of man discussed (and perhaps feared) within the story. This advancement is that of humanity itself. While the story itself does mention the evolution of the species in the far flung future, I personally prefer to focus on the aspect involving the mental evolution of the species. It appears that Mimsy was written in a time of changing political climate, but also of one of changing people as well. The Dust bowl of the 1930’s had ravaged many families, and added to the flow of a younger generation moving to urban centers for work and pleasure. This was in turn coupled with changing family values as more and more woman found themselves in the workforce to compensate for men serving in the military. With all these forces at work, it is no wonder that parents were starting to see their children behaving differently and concerning
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