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Published in 1942, The Weapon Shop was written at the dawning of a new era. The Roaring Twenties were a dream and the Great Depression a recent nightmare, while World War II was demonstrating just how little men can value the lives of their brethren. It was also a time of rising tension in the United States. The Great Depression had altered the role of the government within the economy and without, while race and class tensions were on the rise. The overall tone of the story was one in which individuals, especially those living in the more rural areas, being more or less spit on by big business and big government. The weapon shops themselves may have been a subtle propaganda tool for unionization, but I personally believe it to be an argument that individuals can stand up to their government no matter their efforts, and that a united populous is much like the impenetrable walls of the weapons shops. Perhaps the must stunning line within the entire piece is “People always have the kinds of government they want” (88). This is a very
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