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ENG 369 Q3 - The Time Machine has been seen as one of the...

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The Time Machine has been seen as one of the greatest masterpieces of science fiction in both its imaginative quality and taboo breaking material. While the story of the end of human civilization itself is exciting enough, the characters within it bring humanity to a story all about our eventually loss of it. The tone set by three characters, the author, the Time Traveler, and Weena, provide the most insight. The tone of the Time Traveler can be said to be rather impartial, though as his story progresses his agitation is apparent due to first the Morlocks and then at the sight of a dieing earth. This man is a representation of the true scientist. He is driven by curiosity to explore time, and his description of it is highly factual. When speculating upon the fate of mankind, it is an analytical attempt to solve a puzzle, with little pause for remorse or horror (67). The only two moments of panic within his story were when he loses the time
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