religionmidtermreview - Mid-Term Examination According to...

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Mid-Term Examination - According to Roberts, what are the 3 def for religion? - Substative, functional, symbolic. - 2 fundamental principles of soc perspective according to rogers? - Empirical data support, objectivitiy. - Dif among the substantive, functional and symbolic? - Functional (Marx is functional but offers - What religion does - Substantive - What religion is. (religion is opium of masses, or religion is church attendance, religion is adherence to christian belief) - Symbolic - The cross, totem. - Advantages and disadvantages of these def? Substantive: Too narrow, it limits boundaries around what religion is. Functional: very broad and all encompassing. (pos and neg) Symbolic: They can change over time, crossculturally they may vary. The swastica as an example. Classical Theorists To Marx, what is the relationship between religion and society? Society makes religion. Differences between catholics and protestants with economic prosperity? Protestants are more prosper. Who argues that religious origins were result of “collective frenzy?” Emile Durkheim. The relationship between religion and society according to weber? Religion creates society. Calvinist, their economic growth because of their beliefs. Is Durkheims def of religion functional or substantive? Functional. It's about integrating people into identities. What are the data that Marx, Weber and Durkheim draw on? Weber: The theological elites, theologians. Elites may not represent
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the views of the masses, so that can be a problem. Marx: He doesn't have any. It's mostly based on a particular reading of the historical records. Durkheim: Aboriginees and he's selected a particular type of religion to fit his theory, supposedly. Fundamental categories of phenomena that Durkheim points out? Sacred things, born out of the rituals and emotions.
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religionmidtermreview - Mid-Term Examination According to...

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