russia hist 1890-1930 Trad 102 and Indv 102

russia hist 1890-1930 Trad 102 and Indv 102 - Revolution...

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Basics in Russian History - 1890-1930 Alexander II ends serfdom “Great Reforms” spur industrialization Harsh conditions, no chance for advancement without considerable wealth, this was reflected in art Strikes eventually result, “Bloody Sunday” 1905 Nicholas II grants basic reform, little is change in terms of labor 1916, enter World War I 1917 – Revolution, uprising of the working class and soldiers, February
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Unformatted text preview: Revolution overthrows monarchy • Tsar Nicholas’ family executed during civil war • October Revolution brings in Lenin • Sot come into play • Soviet Union forms in 1922 • 1924 – Lenin dies, Stalin comes into power • Command economy causes turmoil – blockade years 900 day siege of Leningrad...
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