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DNCpaper#3 - Vanessa Gonzales DNC 200 Clouser paper#2 The...

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Vanessa Gonzales DNC 200 Clouser paper #2 03/24/06 The Goddess of light Mary Louise Fuller or more commonly known as Loie Fuller was born on January 15, 1862 in the United States but claims she was “made” in France. Fuller was born in the Chicago suburb of Fullersburg, Illinois and began her career at a young age by becoming a professional childrens actress.She was a pioneer of both Modern dance and theatrical lighting techniques as well as costume design.(American Biography) Fuller broke the mold of ordinary dance and the world was not ready for the style of dance she brought about. When Loie was a young child she was called louie for short, and she was a littrle plump girl with big blue eyes and brown curly hair. Her parents sent her to the nearest public school as soon as she turned five because they wanted her to have to benefit of having an education. Fuller did not enjoy school but continued even though she resented her parents for sending her there. When louie turned seven the Fuller family continued to grow from four to five, when her mother gave birth to a second little boy. Shortly after her family moved to Monmouth Illinois, where Louie began to discover her talent and love for dance. Louise dreamed of becoming an opera singer but when she was 18 she was very poor, and only could have one meal a day which sometimes was only a slice of bread. (American Biography)When Louie was 19 she got her first chance at something other than just a minor role. She continued to act and take on many major roles in
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different plays. She got married at twenty seven yet had lots of difficulties with the man she married, but despise the struggles in her life she managed to perform a dance act of her own style that soon became famous world wide.(Nelson 35)
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