Analytic Autobiography MC 111

Analytic Autobiography MC 111 - Prof C Hunt MC 111 What We...

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Prof. C. Hunt MC 111 November 21, 2006 What We Leave Behind I am fortunate. I have had many people in my life who contributed a part of themselves to help form the person that I am but, no two people left a more permanent mark on my life than my parents. They passed on their commitment to social justice and their willingness to live out their beliefs in everyday life. Today that, more than anything else, defines me. In my youth the relationship with my parents was contentious, especially with my father. I felt my mother was a workaholic who spent more time worrying about the students in her classroom than she did about her own family, and I knew my father was misguided in his conservative Republican values and politics. I made the solemn vow that children throughout the ages have made, “I will not grow up to be like them.” It’s funny how much perspective two decades has afforded me. Mom was a teacher who chose to work in challenging districts, both urban and rural, where the majority of the population faced social and economic disadvantages that made it difficult for the children to have basic needs met. Out of college she was selected to participate in a pilot program that focused on largely African American schools in Indiana. It was the mid-sixties and I remember her stories about being the only white person in the entire school, and the mistrust that she encountered as a result. The Spencer, 2
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Analytic Autobiography MC 111 - Prof C Hunt MC 111 What We...

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