Study1 - Scientific Method Observe & Question, Hypothesis,...

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Scientific Method Hypothesis Educated guess or explanation of how a system works Theory A hypothesis tested without fail. A generally accepted explanation Formation of Elements in the Big Bang Hydrogen and Helium created 100 seconds after Bang during Nucleosynthesis, development of atomic nuclei and subatomic particles Formation of Stars and Supernova Stars- clouds of interstellar matter collapse and condense. Hydrogen burns to helium and enables nuclear fusion, creating elements up to iron (26). 100 million years after Bang Supernova- collapse and death/explosion of a star that produces extreme burst of radiation and matter Formation of Solar System and mass distribution Supernova creates heavier elements and when it implodes, sends them out into space. Earth Formation Solar Nebula Provo planetary disk Why is the earth spherical? 1. Made of deformable materials under pressure and stress 2. Massive enough that gravitational field provides stress to shape What distinguishes Terrestrial planets from others? Which ones are Terrestrial? Age of Earth and Sun 4.55 Billion years – earth 4.6 Billion years - sun Why does the earth have water? Liquid water exists from 0-100 C. Earths temp is 14 C What aspects of Earth make it suitable for life? 1. Location – not too close or too far from sun 2. Right Kind –dense core for gravity, which holds atmosphere. Molten outer core for magnetic fields that protect against solar wind. Molten core to drive plate tectonics 3. Twin Planet – moon stabilizes orbit 4. Timing – sun is at a good place Density of Earth, density of structure of Earth
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Earth: 5.5 g/cm3
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Study1 - Scientific Method Observe & Question, Hypothesis,...

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