Trad 104- Essay on the Plow

Trad 104- Essay on the Plow - Farming has been the backbone...

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Farming has been the backbone to life throughout history ever since man could walk. Farming provides vegetables, fruits, grains, meats, and many other products that are crucial to the survival of humans and animals. It is so important, because the world has always put so much demand on food production. This is why the plow has been one of the most important inventions to be made in history. The very first plow can be traced back to the time of the ancient Egyptians. This little idea “paved” its way throughout history up until this very day. The first simple model has changed into gigantic tractors. Without the plow, farming and planting food would be very difficult and time consuming. The plow is by far one of the most influential inventions to ever grace this earth. The plow has shaped the land and history of the world from Ancient Egypt all the way to today’s farms. In Ancient Egypt it was important to have crops and animals to survive off the land. The Egyptians were moving away from hunting animals, and into the life of harvesting and planting crops. Most of Egypt may have been desert, but they also had the greatest river called the Nile. The Nile provided life to the people and animals of Ancient Egypt. The poor peasants not only had to provide for themselves and their family, but also for the royalty and slaves. This is why the invention of the plow was crucial. It allowed farming to take less time and be more efficient. In early stages Egyptians only had a wooden stick to plow through the ground. With the invention of the plow they used a broad triangular share that turned a wider furrow. They also could use oxen to pull the plow and do the work for the people. As populations continued to grow and people dispersed throughout the world, many different soils were encountered. Instead of rich fertile soil of the Nile, northern Europe contained wet, heavy, and sticky soils. The plow just was not cut out for that soil. This is when the Dutch developed an iron moldboard that turned
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aside the ground as it was lifted from the furrow (Drache). This helped reduce the power and force needed to use a plow. The plow didn’t start out as the perfect invention. It was obviously perfect for the rich
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Trad 104- Essay on the Plow - Farming has been the backbone...

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