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Mason Upton Trad 104 September 26, 2006 Book Report Charlotte’s Web By E.B. White Charlotte’s Web is a great story about girl who lives on a farm with many animals. Fern, the main character of the story develops many relationships with certain animals on the farm such as Charlotte the spider, Templeton the rat, and of course Wilbur the pig. I remember reading the story back in elementary school, and thought it would be a great book to read for this class. Not only does it relate to my experiences when I was younger, but also it deals with how much this young girl and her animals bond. I have also raised farm animals and had to deal with pig litters and the live and death of market hogs. Charlotte’s Web is a story about how animals and humans get along, and the importance of that connection. Before Breakfast (Chpt. 1) In the beginning of chapter one E.B. White takes us to the setting of a local farm. Mrs. Arable was starting off the morning by making breakfast for the family. Fern, the daughter, joined along with her mother in the kitchen. Mr. Arable on the other hand was walking out to the barn with his ax. Worried, Fern asked her mother why her father was traveling out to the barn with the ax. Her mother plainly stated that a litter of pigs were born on the previous night and the runt of the litter was going to be killed. Fern, being the young, innocent, and caring girl that she
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is, quickly dashed out to the barn in order to stop her father from doing the job he set out to do. Reluctant, Mr. Arable decided to let Fern keep the little runt, but only if she took really good care of it. As Mrs. Arable and Fern ate breakfast, Mr. Arable walked in with the little runt. He showed Fern how to feed the little runt some milk. After feeding the pig, Fern and her brother Avery headed off to school on the local bus. Before Fern arrived at school, she decided that she would name her little piglet Wilbur. There are many relationships between human and animals in this chapter, and they are from a couple different points of views. Mr. Arable has the typical farm manager type of attitude towards the litter of pigs. They are there to make him money, and when a pig isn’t doing well at birth, it isn’t worth the money to raise it back to health. The animal brings the money, and also brings the food to the table. Fern has a different approach, since she cares for the young piglet Wilbur. Fern and Wilbur have a companionship, as do many humans with their animals. Wilbur is a pet for Fern that she will eventually get attached to. Wilbur (Chpt. 2) Fern dedicates all her time to being with Wilbur. She is responsible for Wilbur, and she loves him as if her were a close friend. Night and day she continues to nurse Wilbur, and he continues to grow bigger and stronger. Each day Fern feeds Wilbur in the morning, then heads of to school, and when she gets back she feeds him again. Since Wilbur was becoming a bigger pig, Mr. Arable wanted him to live outside in the barn. Wilbur then meets Uncle Wilbur outside in
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Trad 104- Book Review - Mason Upton Trad 104 September 26,...

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